International IPA Day

Happy IPA Day.
Thanks to The Beer Wench and others, we now have International IPA Day.  In honour of IIPAD, I have selected a favourite from 11 different types of IPA.  My list is by no means authoritative, and I realize it is extremely biased towards Michigan beers.  Even though I am Canadian, that state is my main source of craft beer.  My apologies to the brewers in my home province of Ontario, but if you don’t distribute to my part of the province, I can’t taste your beer.  Without further delay, and in no particular order, here are the IPAs:

Single Hop:

Founders Centennial IPA (Michigan)- This is quite possibly the archetypal American IPA.  The aroma is packed full of dry-hops.


Bell’s Hopslam (Michigan)- An incredibly hoppy beer with a nice sweet honey presence for balance.


Short’s Huma-lupa-licious (Michigan) – Very malty and extremely hoppy; a pleasant assault to the taste buds. (And fun to say!)


Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor (Belgium) – Complex Belgian yeast and an onslaught of wonderfully spicy and earthy continental hops. (Also fun to say.)


Meantime India Pale Ale (England)- Perfectly balanced with a ton of musty, resinous English hops.  See my full review here.

English, but made in North America:

Goose Island India Pale Ale (Illinois) – Sweetly and florally hoppy; a great American version of a classic English style.

Made in Canada:

Phillip’s Hop Circle (British Columbia) – Tons of grapefruit and pine from Canada’s West Coast.

Black IPA:

Royal Oak Brewery India Ink (Michigan) – Roasty, citrusy, and intensely bitter.


New Holland Oak Aged Hatter (Michigan) – Woody and vanilla flavours make this very different from the usual IPA.


Schneider-Brooklyn Hopfen-Weisse (Germany) – This is a German weizenbock with an IPA level of hops.

American IPA usually available at the LCBO:

Southern Tier IPA (New York) – Fruity and very hoppy.


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